Wall Sit

Press your back against a wall with your legs bent at a 90-degree angle, as if you are sitting in a chair. Hold this position for 25-1min depending on your level. Repeat. Make sure you knees stay right above your ankles

Toe Touch

I think you can guess how to do this one. Try to get your palms on the floor!

Toe Lift

Stand with your feet flat on the ground and one hand on the wall. For BALANCE, not SUPPORT. Slowly go up onto your toes and down back to flat foot. It is important that you do this slowly. Do this 50 times. then, stand on one leg and do it 25 times and switch.

Side Leg Lift

This one burns like hell and you will LOVE how you feel after it. Do the whole required set! Position yourself on all fours, knees shoulder width apart and palms facing down. Keeping your knee bent, lift your leg out to the side till it nearly level with your back and lower it to the starting position. Repeat 50 times and do 50 on the other leg. Keep your abs tight and focus on isolating your glutes.

Butt Stretch

You will definitly need this after that last one! Sit down and bring your feet as close to your butt as possible, slightly less than shoulder width apart. Put your hands down a couple inches behind you and push your butt a few inches off the floor, cross your right leg over your left knee so your right ankle rests just above your left kneecap. Lower your butt toward the floor to increase the stretch. Breathe and relax

Back Kick

Flip over and get back on your hands and knees. Keeping your knee bent, use your right butt cheek and pull the sole of your foot up toward the ceiling, making a 45 degree angle. Repeat 50 times, and then switch


Squat down like you are sitting in a chair. It should like the picture, make sure your knees are behind your toes. Do this 100 times. Yes, I said 100. You can break it up into 50 and 50 if you like.

Leg lift series
Lie on your side with your elbow supporting your head for all of these, keep your abs tight

First up is the simple leg lift. With your foot flat, not pointed, keep your knee straight and left your leg, just the one facing the ceiling, up all the way, and then bring it slowly back down. Do this 20 times.

Second is the point and flat. Do the previous exercise, but point your toe on the way up and flatten it on the way down. 15 times

Third is leg circles. Put your leg, toes pointed, into the air and make small circles in the air 15 times

Fourth is toe slides. Start with your leg straight up in the air. Then bend it down so it is as high up your opposite leg as possible, then run your toe down the whole length of your leg and when you get to your toe lift your leg all the way up, straight, and repeat. Do 10 of those. Then, do it the opposite direction, running your toe up your leg the opposite direction, do 10

Last is knee toe. Bring your knee up in front of you, leg bent and touch the floor with it, then, still keeping it all the way bent, touch thr floor with your toe right behind your butt. Make sure you do not move your body at all besides your leg. Repeat 15 times


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